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Allies for Outdoor Time

It’s 8am and my kids are out sledding with the neighborhood kids. They scurried out of their pajamas when a neighboring 8-year-old knocked on the door, sled in hand. There’s lots of talk about getting children outside to play. I’ve … Continue reading

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8 Responses to Allies for Outdoor Time

  1. says:

    We have no snow (yet) but leaf piles are still intact and will get kids away from the screens for a long time!! Taylor came over and played in the giant leaf pile with the dog for 2 hours! Jan

  2. 10-12 years ago, our neighborhood was pretty good for all the kids hanging out together outside. When most of them were under age 10, it was common to see 4, 5, or 6 of them outside playing some sort of kids’ game. But when they get to junior high and high school, all the organized activities such as sports get in the way of neighborhood fun. But I see glimmers of hope around town with spontaneous groups of kids out in neighborhoods making their own fun.


  3. Yes! Children often inspire other children. There is no need for an adult to say, “why don’t you try climbing that tree?” or “wouldn’t it be nice to go sledding?” When they see other children doing it, that inspires them to try or to go out and play. Love this simple post.

    – Angela Hanscom

  4. Linda says:

    Great post – this is so true! We live in the country, so unfortunately we don’t get any kids knocking on our doors spontaneously, but I do try to encourage outdoor play dates whenever I can. It’s not easy, because few parents in our area share my enthusiasm for outdoor play in all weather.

    • Heather Shumaker says:

      I grew up in a similar area, so I know it’s not always possible for kids to fall into play by knocking on doors. Good for you for encouraging good old play when you can!