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All adults need time for books and friendship. This book combines both.

Be honest. How many of you busy folks and parents really take time for friendship these days?

Mardi Link’s new memoir The Drummond Girls: A Story of Fierce Friendship Beyond Time and Change is all about the friendships we need in our adult lives. Her story may not be your story – her set of friends chase bears and drink on a remote island for their getaway – but the threads in her story are universal.

Mardi knows how to write. This is her 5th book, and her spunky, hysterical take on the world gets better all the time. It’s the perfect book for book clubs. How a diverse group of women comes together and shares life over a twenty-year period. How they age, marry, die, face calamity and good times. It’s spunky, witty, tender and true.

I love this book partly because I’ve seen it being born. Mardi’s part of a writing critique group I belong to. We call ourselves the Powerfingers. Boy, Mardi has the power ramped up on this book.

Author Mardi Link and a loyal fan.

Author Mardi Link and a loyal fan.

We all need reminders – tug-at-your-gut reminders – that kids, spouse/partners, careers, and other priorities are not enough. Without creating time for friends and friendships for ourselves, life gets to be too much. Whatever your status, single or partnered, kids or no kids, you need the sustaining power that only friendship gives.

So take time for friendship. Take time to dwell on friendship with The Drummond Girls.

This book is brand new – the book launch is Tuesday, July 14. You can pre-order anytime. If you’re part of a book club, whether it’s a book club of one, or a book club of many, read this book.

Need more convincing that Mardi’s the real stuff? Here’re some reviews from the New York Times and others from her last book. (And The Drummond Girls is better).

“Glints with Link’s raw, willful energy. . . . Possesses that rare, elusive, but much sought-after feeling of authenticity.”The New York Times Book Review

“You’ll fall in love with Mardi Jo Link’s family in this irreverent and heartwarming memoir.”Parade

“A heroic-comic saga of single motherhood, pure stubbornness, and the loyalty of three young sons.”Garrison Keillor

OK, ready? Order or pre-order this book and you’ll be entered to win a second FREE copy of The Drummond Girls to share with friends, or a free copy of It’s OK Not to Share (your choice). Giveaway book signed by the author. Giveaway ends July 20, 2015 at 12 noon ESTLeave a comment on this blog, with order info. and /or friendship comments, and the winning name will be picked by a random number generator. U.S. mailing addresses only.

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