New Book Born: Saving Arcadia

My third book. Published April 1, 2017. If you never seen the beauty of the Great Lakes be prepared to fall in love.

My third book. Published April 1, 2017. If you never seen the beauty of the Great Lakes be prepared to fall in love.

I’m excited to announce my newest book: Saving Arcadia. This book gets back to my love of the outdoors and wilderness.

I grew up in a Great Lakes state – Ohio – but never really encountered the greatness of the Great Lakes until I moved north and lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. After graduate school, I landed a dream job preserving Great Lakes coastal habitat with a regional land trust in northern Michigan.

This book tells that story. A David and Goliath conservation adventure story that takes you behind the scenes into how a small community negotiated with a giant public utility to save 6,000 acres including a magnificent dune – and won against all odds.

For those of you who love nature, wild areas and beautiful beaches, this book is for you. It’s about the power of community, determination, inspiration, and deep down, a love of land and family. I wrote it to read like a gripping novel – like the real life adventure it was – and reviewers are agreeing:

“This work of creative nonfiction may be among the year’s best pieces of environmental drama so far. ¬†Engaging, personal and lively, this tale of the Little Nonprofit that Could is a captivating and moving triumph. It is suspenseful in places, even gripping, and full of heart throughout. Accounts like these are what turn ordinary people into environmental activists.” ~ Foreword review

“You might not think a book about the struggle to wrest six thousand acres of Lake Michigan dunes from development would be a suspenseful adventure story, but [it’s] just that — a riveting story that spans decades about a small community of people who preserve a beloved tract against all odds.” ~ Northern Express

If you’ve read my first two books on parenting, be prepared for something new. The first books are about our relationships to our children. Saving Arcadia is about our relationship to our planet.

April (“Earth Month”) discounts of 30% off with code of SAV1.¬† This discount is good through the Wayne State University Press website, though you can order the book anywhere.

Book Launch parties in Traverse City, Michigan  April 8, 2017 at Bluewater Hall and in Arcadia, Michigan in July at Camp Arcadia.

Signed books are also available if you order through my local bookstores.

Happy Reading!

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2 Responses to New Book Born: Saving Arcadia

  1. Congratulations, Heather. Looking forward to a great read.

  2. Mark from Arcadia says:

    Heather, great read, and I am proud of the sacrifice you made to save our dunes! Living among them, it make me shudder to think Baldy could have been covered with McMansions and golf courses. After work today, I will be hiking the dunes in your honor.