Summer’s Great Book Giveaway

Get ready to win and review books! Book-Lover's Summer Giveaway.

Get ready to win and review books! Book-Lover’s Summer Giveaway.

Summer is here! It starts today for my kids. Time to forget adult schedules, follow dreams and be themselves. And for all of us grown-ups, time for some great summer reading.

This summer I’m doing a Book-Lover’s Summer Giveaway. Throughout the summer (when I’m not out camping away from all things technology), I’ll be giving away thought-provoking parenting books.

If the title interests you, show your love for books and leave a comment. Here’s how:

1) Show your love for books by posting a book review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. You can review any book – It’s OK to Go Up the Slide, Saving Arcadia, or any book you like that’s ever been published. Honest reviews only – that’s what readers want.

2) Leave a comment on this blog or my Facebook page, Heather Shumaker Writer saying which book you chose to review. That’s it!  You’re entered to win. (Winners drawn with a random number generator; U.S. mailing addresses only).

First winner will be drawn on July 4th.

First book is The Idle Parent. It seems a great book to start out the summer. This is an anti-helicopter, anti-entertain-the-kids book which could get you off on the right foot for summer. A sampling of chapter titles: The Myth of Toys, End all Activities, Down with School, Let us Sleep, Say “Yes.”

Here’s a quote from the opening that sets the tone:

“How to begin to educate a child. First rule, leave him alone. Second rule, leave him alone. Third rule, leave him alone.” – D.H. Lawrence, “Education of the People,” 1918

So get ready for a summer of fun reading, exploring new parenting ideas, and letting the kids alone. Remember, they’ve got their own ideas to pursue.

July 4: Congratulations to the winner of this book giveway. Watch for new ones coming this summer!

Are you ready for some summer reading? Don’t worry, you can always win the book now, then curl up in a cozy fall or winter armchair.

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6 Responses to Summer’s Great Book Giveaway

  1. Cheryl Rodriguez says:

    I would love to receive these books. I am this close to homeschooling because of the homework issue. I really want to instill a curiosity in my child that I see is not there in a public school setting.

    • Heather Shumaker says:

      Great! To enter, just post a quick 1-2 sentence book review. Then share what title you reviewed. Thanks!

  2. Justin says:

    I reviewed “It’s OK to Go Up the Slide”. Great book and common sense things that I should have known.

  3. Theresa B says:

    Finally finished “It’s ok to go up the slide”—-my personal take-away and review: challenge the rules of our K-8 program of running on the tan bark. Like in the book, if it’s not hurting person or property, why is it a rule?

    We went to the beach today so I could get some time to talk to my husband un-interrupted….the kids spent an hour collecting seaweed and throwing it into a pile—in front of where we were sitting. Each drop of the seaweed resulted in a big fat grin from my son and daughter…swelling with pride for their hunter and gatherer project they made up!