Win a copy of It’s OK Not to Share!

Win a copy of this book. Or choose another. Four books to choose from if you enter and add a review.

Win a copy of this book. Or choose another! Four books to choose from if you enter with a review.

It’s time to celebrate kids and summer – summer reading that is. Some of you may already be back to school, but there’s still time to dig into good books. And win books!

For the finale to the Book-Lover’s Summer Giveaway, I’m offering four fascinating parenting books. If you’re the first name I draw, you get first pick of the titles. The second winner gets to pick from the remaining titles, and so on.

To enter, show your love for books. Here’s how:

1) Show your love for books by posting a book review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. You can review any book – It’s OK to Go Up the Slide, Saving Arcadia, or any book you like that’s ever been published. Honest reviews only – that’s what readers want.

2) Leave a comment on this blog or my Facebook page, Heather Shumaker Writer saying which book you chose to review. That’s it!  You’re entered to win. (Winners drawn with a random number generator; U.S. mailing addresses only).

Winners will be drawn on September 5th.

The books are…

It's OK small coverIt’s OK Not to Share  by Heather Shumaker  This is my first book, the one that started it all. If you have young children with big feelings, active bodies and strong opinions who love to play, this book is for you. Or for a friend or family member if you already have one. Maybe yours is dog-eared and you need a fresh copy? Write a review (“It’s OK to Go Up the Slide” needs more reader reviews).




left aloneNo Child Left Alone by Abby Schachter  Do you love Free-Range Kids? This timely book shows us just how far American government interferes with raising independent kids. If you’re wondering if your child will be picked up by the police for walking home from the park alone, read this book.





not sayWhat NOT to Say by Sarah MacLaughlin  Be a big boy. I’m going to leave without you. That didn’t hurt. There’s nothing to be afraid of. What’s the magic word? Do you want a spanking? This little book unpacks all the common phrases parents say in our culture, and exactly what’s wrong with them.




cultureDiscovering the Culture of Childhood by Emily Plank  This gem from Emily Plank gets us to think about children on a new level. Not as unformed, imperfect adults, but as fully formed children. You may discover ideas you’ve never thought of before.





Intrigued?  Ready to enter? Just add a review by Sept. 5 and get ready to add new ideas to your life with a new book.

What titles are you eager to share with others? Read any good books lately?

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