About Me

I’m Heather Shumaker. Writer, mother and starlighter. I currently make a quasi-living writing nonfiction by day and in the pre-dawn hours you’ll often find me composing ghost stories for middle grade readers.

This site is dedicated to celebrating people who squeeze their dreams into the edges of the day. I’ll offer tips, author interviews, a bit about me, good books and inspiration.

By age four I knew I wanted to be an author. My first books in elementary school were stapled together with wallpaper covers. By third grade, I had already submitted a story for publication and landed my first rejection letter. In high school, I co-wrote fiction books in study hall with one of my best friends. In graduate school I paid my way through by writing radio scripts for EarthWatch Radio.

My work’s appeared in Parenting, Pregnancy, Organic Gardening, Traverse and other publications. In 2011 I sold my first book to an imprint of Penguin: It’s OK not to Share: and other renegade rules for raising competent and compassionate kids is coming out August 2012.

Thanks for visiting! Whether you’re a writer, a starlighter yourself, or just curious about the writing life, you are welcome here.