Author Friends and Family

My family is full of writers and editors. My grandmother tapped out fairy tales. My grandfather wrote a book. My mother, aunts and uncles are all letter writers. My uncle and aunt both write books. My cousin is an editor, and my brother is a playwright, short story writer and novelist.

Writers in the Family

Hannah Fairbairn, Soups, Swallow it Whole

Neil Fairbairn, A Brief History of Gardening, A Traveller’s Guide to the Kingdoms of Arthur, A Traveller’s Guide to the Battlefields of Britain, The Music Makers, The Entertainers and more

Jen Hornsby, editor

Mark Rigney, Deaf Side Story, Acts of God, Bears and more

Author Friends

The more I write, the more I meet other writers who become valued colleagues and friends. I’m thrilled to share the work of these talented writers.

Carol Bradley, Nonfiction
Cheryl Bardoe, Picture books
Anne Greenwood Brown, YA Fiction
Fleda Brown, Poetry
Dave Dempsey, Nonfiction
Jerry Dennis, Environmental nonfiction
Heather Durocher, Journalism
Jordan Ellenberg, Fiction and nonfiction
Angie Lathrop, Young Adult
Jennifer Lawler, Nonfiction
Mardi Link, Memoir
Joseph Nigg, Dragons and mythical beasts
Cari Noga, Fiction
Jael McHenry, Fiction
Anne-Marie Oomen, Fiction
Marcus Renner, Fiction
Teresa Scollon, Poetry
Doug Stanton, Nonfiction
Anne Stanton, Journalism
Ann Whitford Paul, Picture books