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Mean Mom Manifestos

I wrote recently about chores, and today guest author Denise Schipani, author of Mean Moms Rule is joining me to share her thoughts on the subject.  She also touches on another important aspect of this blog, which is how to … Continue reading

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2 Responses to Mean Mom Manifestos

  1. What a pleasure to meet you, Denise. I enjoyed reading your guest post, particularly that you factor in a child’s abilities and proclivities, rather than having hard and fast rules.

    Growing up my parents treated my sister and I differently, and our consequences for poor behavior were different as well. It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I asked my mom about that. She said, “Why on earth would I treat the two of you the same? You’re different people, you have different likes and dislikes, and you respond differently.”

    • Thanks, Laurie! That was my grandmother’s parenting advice: “Your kids will let you know how they need to be parented.” That said, though I tailor my approach to fit my two very, very different sons, the rules are the same for them both. Mama’s in charge around here!